We provide onsite service and convenient pickup. Several of our clients take their home computers to work to be picked up for repair or maintenance. 

“If you are near Macon and have a Computer issue, Call the Macon Computer Guy.” 

Do you need some help with software or a service. We can help you with that onsite or remotely. Sometimes just a little help is all that it is needed to make things easier. Why not call today and see if a little personal assistance is right for your situation.

Computer Repair

Onsite or Remote Support Remote support can be used to repair some software issues with your computer. To utilize remote support, visit the remote support

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Don’t damage your TV, your wall , or yourself.  Let a Macon Computer Guy mount your TV on the wall and hide the wires. This

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Surveillance Cameras with DVR

Remote visual access is more affordable than ever with systems installed as low as $249.00. Options are available for High definition , color night vision

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TV repair 

TV installation 

TV mounting 




WIFI installation 

WIFI upgrade

WIFI repair

WIFI management


Video Camera

Video Camera Installation

Video DVR

Video DVR Installation 

Video DVR repair

Video Cable

Video Cable Installation


Laptop Repair

Laptop Upgrade

Laptop Screen Replacement 


Network Installation

Network Monitoring 

Network Management

Network Cable Installation 

Network Cable Certification 

Network Equipment Installation 

Network Equipment Monitoring

Network Equipment Repair

Network Equipment Management


Audio Installation 

Audio Repair

Audio Speaker Installation 

Audio Sound System Installation