Remote Support

If you need someone to connect to your computer to assist you, then use the Remote Support option below.

Unattended Remote Support

For continuous support, we can provide cost effective remote support options that reduce your costs when you have a problem. We also provide monitoring and management services that can help prevent problems from occurring and allow remote support even if your browser is no longer working.


Remote Support. 

Type your code under the Join with a code label. Then click the Right Arrow. 

Call for a session code or you can try the Chat option in the lower right corner of the page to reach a technician. 

A Technician can provide you with a session number to allow us to connect to your computer for support.

If you are on a service agreement, then this step is normally not necessary. 

If you would like to be able to access your computers and devices from one another we can set that up for you.  

Macon Computer Guy Provides Remote Support