Digital Ocean Cloud Computing Platform

Digital Ocean provides an economical cloud computing platform. The cost to spin up a droplet and install software is very low. My first use of Digital Ocean was a few years ago when a friend recommended that I use it.

I was working on a nodeJS chat app for real time communication and remote procedure calls  RTC RPC.  I chose Ubuntu as the OS for my first droplet. I installed Webmin to see how I liked it. I used nodeJS to create encrypted HTTPS and Socketio servers .

I learned quite a bit about several technologies. I do not think I would have looked at any of then without the ability to spin up droplets so inexpensively.

Recently I stood up a WordPress Droplet to see how I like that. So far I am pleased. I guess what I like most is that I have spent about $2.00 trying it out. If I do not like it I can just delete it.

If you are interested in a low cost solution to stand up Droplets running Ubuntu ,FreeBSD,Fedora,Debian,CentOS

I would recommend that you give them a try. They also provide Firewall, Floating IP’s Block storage and more. The following link allows you a $10 credit to get started. With servers as low as $5 per month thats two months for you to play with no risk.