Surveillance Cameras with DVR

Remote visual access is more affordable than ever with systems installed as low as $249.00. Options are available for High definition , color night vision and more. Motion detection is a common feature and remote access via your phone is available.  

This really is a no disappointment purchase, it can bring peace of mind. 

This is one class of consumer product that is often installed improperly and can open a security risk for your family or property. Contact us and let a Macon Computer Guy assist you by installing Cameras and providing you remote access properly. 


Don’t damage your TV, your wall , or yourself.  Let a Macon Computer Guy mount your TV on the wall and hide the wires.

This service , priced as low as $65.00 can make a world of difference in your home and we would be happy to help make it happen.

Contact us today. Pricing will vary based on the size of the TV the height to mount it and the material that the wall is made of.Let a Macon Computer Guy mount your TV.


For a general idea of pricing the following assumes that you are having a TV mounted on a sheetrock wall that has wooden studs. The price of the mount is not included.  Hardware to mount a TV  in many cases is $45 or less. 

Computer Repair

Onsite or Remote Support

Remote support can be used to repair some software issues with your computer. To utilize remote support, visit the remote support page and contact a Macon Computer Guy.

For hardware support or if your computer cannot acess the internet please contact a Macon Computer Guy to schedule an onsite visit.  

TV Mount Installation

It's your home. You point , We will Mount your TV where you want it.

Let us get your TV off of the floor or furniture and onto  the wall at just the height you prefer. 

A macon computer guy will come to your home or business and mount a bracket that supports your TV Vesa pattern, TV Size  and Weight. 

The TV will be mounted at the height you  prefer and all inputs and outputs will be connected.

For an additional fee we can hide the cables inside a channel or wires can be routed inside of your wall to get them completely out of sight.


Digital Ocean Cloud Computing Platform

Digital Ocean provides an economical cloud computing platform. The cost to spin up a droplet and install software is very low. My first use of Digital Ocean was a few years ago when a friend recommended that I use it.

I was working on a nodeJS chat app for real time communication and remote procedure calls  RTC RPC.  I chose Ubuntu as the OS for my first droplet. I installed Webmin to see how I liked it. I used nodeJS to create encrypted HTTPS and Socketio servers .

I learned quite a bit about several technologies. I do not think I would have looked at any of then without the ability to spin up droplets so inexpensively.

Recently I stood up a WordPress Droplet to see how I like that. So far I am pleased. I guess what I like most is that I have spent about $2.00 trying it out. If I do not like it I can just delete it.

If you are interested in a low cost solution to stand up Droplets running Ubuntu ,FreeBSD,Fedora,Debian,CentOS

I would recommend that you give them a try. They also provide Firewall, Floating IP’s Block storage and more. The following link allows you a $10 credit to get started. With servers as low as $5 per month thats two months for you to play with no risk.